Whimsical Anemones

I can remember the first time my eyes meet the Anemone. It was the white petals with the black center. They are interestingly beautiful; unique and delicate. Many consider the anemone to be a whimsical flower, which I am sure falls back to the mythological connect to magical fairies. They are said to sleep under the petals after they have closed at sunset. I, for one, have seen these petals close! And still having a bit of childhood close to my heart, I can remember back to when my mom told me about Fairies. It may be silly to some, but she told me and my sister about “fairy water.” It was nothing but crushed ice from the ice dispenser making the chilled water ice cold. At 6 years old that is the best water you can ever get!

The Anemone is one flower that will make a statement; a flower that you will never forget. The season to find Anemones starts in Fall and runs through Spring.  They come in several colors; mainly white, pink, blue and red. (Other colors are available but are rare.) Here are some beauties I gathered to share with you…


Anemones are perfect for bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and arrangements. Because they are such small intricate flowers I suggest using other flowers to highlight the uniquness of the anemones. You will be happy you did!

-Kaitlin, RKD Event Set-Up Specialist

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