The Romance of a Rose

There is something about the sight and smell of roses that takes me away for that moment in time and makes me breathe a little easier. The rose, according to fossil evidence, is 35 million years old! That in it self is truly amazing! Roses have been known and treasured since ancient times as symbols of love and beauty. In ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, they were associated with goddesses of love, and have been given as romantic gifts throughout history.

There are between 100-150 different species of roses. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of different varieties within the species. There is one rose that has always stood out in my 10 years of floral experience.

This variety is called the “David Austin” Rose.


David Austin is a gardener of American birth who specializes in rose breeding. He first introduced a new hybrid breed of rose in 1969, and from there the demand for his gorgeous hybrid roses began to grow. David Austin roses cross traditional Old English country roses with newer hybrids built for stamina and performance, which accounts for their unique grace and loveliness. In this way, David Austin roses have in some cases nearly single-handedly revived popularity for older rose varietals by cross-breeding them with newer, hardier varietals of hybrids.


David Austin roses combine more than five decades of specialized, careful cross-breeding to culminate in a varietal of rose that is known to be easy to grow and care for, reliably hardy, very attractive and fragrant, and long lasting.

Roses will forever be in our hearts for weddings. Their symbolism, beauty and grace define the true essence and meaning of love.


 Shelly D.-Marketing Director

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