I am such a HUGE fan of texture and multiple texture when designing bouquets. It’s even more fun when it’s done with a bold color palette. Well the stunning bouquet I am featuring here happens to be the bouquet of our bride Katie who got married this past Saturday the 30th of July. She said… ” I want it to mimic a Sunset”. And a sunset is what she got. Katie trusted me with the design concept and gave me complete freedom to choose any flower for her bouquet and those of her bridesmaids. So I took FULL advantage!

So what you see in Katie’s bouquet arefuzzy Coxcomb Celosia that looks a lot like brains believe it or not…:)I also used upright celosia in a shade of burnt orange with a little bit of red in it for contrast and the same color combination in dainty orange Crocosmia. You also see gorgeous orange “Babe” spray roses! My favorite spray roses!! There are also some super fun Yellow Craspedia Balls a.k.a Billy Balls:)Next are fabulous orange tulips with a little bit of yellow stripping and last but certainly NOT least are my all time favorite colored Cymbidium orchids…. the Yellow Cymbidium orchids with RED throats. Can you see how impactful a bouquet can be when all colors are bold and almost entirely monocromatic?! It makes a  bouquet very striking.

Then I simplified for the bridesmaid’s bouquets. I never want the bride to be over shadowed. So for Katie’s girls I gave them the orange Coxcomb Celosia, Orange tulips, Orange “Babe” spray roses and Orange Crocosmia which all looked very vibrant up against their chocolate brown dresses!

So can you see how passionate I am about texture? I obviously over dramatize when writing about them with all of my exclamation points and smiley faces:)But what can I say…. I love my job!!

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