Rickie & Tiffany 11.10.12 at Sunset Harbor Yacht Club

I can remember the very first day I met with Tiffany.. She came in knowing exactly the colors of her wedding and the overall atmosphere she wanted to create for herself and her guests. Once we began weaving together our ideas it was without any doubt that her wedding was going to be STUNNING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black and White weddings! When done correctly the are so elegant and classy and well… elegant and classy is exactly who we are.

I wanted to purchase the perfect vasewear to showcase the style centerpieces we wanted to create. I am always open to adding new inventory to our arsenal of tricks and that’s exactly what we did. We found the fabulous Black Soiree vases and walla! The perfect floral piece complimented by the perfect elegant and modern vase. We also wanted to bring in a little bit of bling and a little bit of “sexy” because YES, your wedding can be SEXY! So we wrapped the vases housing all of the floating candles with black lace and trimmed them out with a flash diamond band. Just enough of a detail to make Tiffany’s wedding unique.

We layered the black and white because that to me creates the ideal balance. So the chavari chairs were black with black pads, next white linens for all guest tables and black charger plates for each person’s place setting. The next layer of black was created with the vase and then all flowers except for the pop of anemones were white. Now the show-stopper of the event was the opulent white dance floor wrap be laid to cover the traditional wooden dance floor provided by Sunset Harbor.

Now enough of me┬átalking…:-)Let’s let the imagery do the talking now!

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