Peter & Michelle 9.24.11

I have to say that this was my first bitter sweet wedding… You see Michelle was the third and final daughter of the Cantwell family to get married. I have spent the last three years planning all three uniquely fabulous weddings for Andrea, Lauren and Michelle. So when Michelle’s wedding finally arrived it was exciting as I was in such anticipation to see all the hard work come together but at the same time sad because I knew I would not be working so closely with them any longer. It has been such a ride seeing how each sister’s style is so different! FUN!!

Now Michelle’s wedding to Peter took place at the gorgeous Casa Monica Hotel in the historic district of St. Augustine. Such a city filled with LOVE! I remember delivering the bouquets and corsages up to Michelle’s suite… As I walked up the stairs of her 3 story suite, (YES! Three stories!) I walked directly into the room where she was begining her bridal protraits and I found my self tearing up as I was so happy for her. She looked absolutely beautiful!

So the ceremony took place while we werer putting the finishing touches on the ballroom decor. While Joey, Kaitlin and I were standing back and taking in all of the breathtaking decor Michelle snuck into the room….. She lit up! Fell in love with everything! Mission accomplished:)I happened to catch her first look at her wedding cake on camera…:)

Needless to say everything went off without a hitch! Congratulations to the happy bride and groom! Thank you Peter and Michelle for allowing us to be such a memorable part of your day. We wish you all the best in your future together.




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