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The Peony symbolizes Romance and Prosperity and is an omen of

good fortune and a happy marriage

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Brent & Sarah – 11.28.14 The White Room, St. Augustine

 What a BEAUTY this wedding was! I had such a wonderful time working with Sarah and Brent. We were honored to have had one of our past Brides refer Sarah and Brent to us and when I finally had the opportunity to sit down with the both of them I knew Sarah’s taste was right up our alley!

How sweet was Brent?! Well one thing was sure to me, he most definitely adores his Bride as he made sure she had everything her heart desired for their wedding and it was truly gorgeous! The White Room in St Augustine is such a quaint and elegant venue tucked in the heart of one America’s most historic cities. We are always thrilled when we have the chance to work up in St Augustine. The wedding ceremony alone offered fantastic views of the city. It was an absolutely perfect November Florida day for Sarah and Brent. They could not have had it any better! The guests had the pleasure of watching the ceremony from the roof top then proceeded to dance the night away under the stars at the reception.  That’s what I call a memorable event.

Congratulations Sarah and Brent! Thank you so much for making us a part of your beautiful day! We loved every minute of it.

We wish you all the best.

The Venue: The White Room, St Augustine

Florals & Décor: Rachael Kasie Designs

Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK3Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK5
Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK10Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK1
Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK6Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK13
Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK9Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK8Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK12Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK7Daytona Beach Wedding Florist SK11

Tarrynn & Michael 10.4.14 – Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast


Tarrynn and Michael had one BEAUTIFUL wedding at the gorgeous Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL last October! While I didn’t have the opportunity to work very closely with Tarrynn or her groom Michael, I did thoroughly enjoy working closely with her wonderful mother Beverly who handled all the details alongside Emily of White Blossom Weddings & Events.

Congratulations Tarrynn and Michael! It was such a pleasure being able to be a part of your special day. We wish you all the best!

Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD2Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD10Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD4Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD1Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD12
Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD6Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD9Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD3Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD8Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD5Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD7Daytona Beach Wedding Florist TD11

A very special Thank You! to KMD Creations to providing us with some of the beautiful images seen here on our blog!

Venue: Hammock Beach Resort

 Florals & Decor: Rachael Kasie Designs

 Photography: KMD Creations

 Wedding Planner: White Blossom Weddings and Events

Cake & Desserts: Cakery Creation

Angel & Heath 11.08.14 – Port Orange

My goodness it has been quite a while since we featured one of our beautiful weddings! It’s been one hec of a crazy year so far and here we’re already half way through it!

So I’m taking you back to the end of 2014 to showcase some spectacular events we had the pleasure and honor of being a part of. This wedding in particular was one I was anxiously awaiting for months. The planning process was so exciting and I had the pleasure of working with such wonderful people. I enjoyed getting to know Heath’s mother Emily so very well as she was in charge of all the planning and florals & décor were her top priority… and how could I blame her?! As a designer herself, Emily had a vision and coupled with Bride Angel’s vision, we had one truly stunning wedding that was tucked away on the private estate of a close family friend in Spruce Creek Fly-in here in Port Orange, FL.

This Paris inspired wedding was incredible. Guests were greeted at the front foyer entrance of the home with (2) 7ft lit Eiffel Towers, the poolside reception also featured (2) 14ft lit Eiffel Towers alongside the most adorable black and white striped parasails! Guests received welcome gift upon arriving to their hotel rooms that included large Eiffel Tower cookies from The Pastry Studio, while the reception guest favors themselves were small Eiffel Towers. It was truly a romantic day and we could not have been more elated to have been a part of it.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day Angel and Heath! and Thank You Emily, for being so absolutely fabulous! I will miss working with you.

Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG2Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG1Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG4Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG7Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG6Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG8Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG16Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG5Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG3Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG12
Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG9Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG15Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG11Daytona Beach Wedding Florist AG10

A very special Thank You! to Kristia Knowles Photography for providing us with some of the beautiful images seen here on our blog!

Congratulations to Angel & Heath! We wish you love and happiness!

Venue: Private Family Residence in Port Orange, FL
Photography: Kristia Knowles Photography
Video: Michael’s Photography & Video
Florals & Decor: Rachael Kasie Designs, LLC
Cake: The Pastry Studio
Catering: Chef Papa’s Catering
DJ: Mister DJ
Wedding Coordinator: White Blossom Weddings
Chairs & Chargers: A Chair Affair
Ceremony Chairs & Table Rental: Special Event Services 



Steven & Melissa 9.5.14 – The Casa Monica Hotel

Where do I begin with Melissa and Steven’s wedding?? I just loved the final outcome and the planning stages leading up to the big day were so great! I remember getting the initial phone call from Melissa. I knew we were the perfect match once she began explaining how she just wasn’t having any luck finding a florist that could give her everything she was envisioning for her wedding and when she had explained her frustration to Courtney at The Casa Monica, Courtney immediately told her.. you need to call Rachael! We hit it off immediately! Then when the day finally arrived for me to meet Steven and Melissa to being planning out each and every detail I could see the stress just roll off her shoulders. Melissa’s taste is my taste so essentially we were a match made in Heaven 😉 and Steven… well it was obvious how much Steven loves Melissa and that he wanted to give her everything her heart desired and so he did! Even surprised her the day of the wedding with our White Dance Floor!

Everything was truly magical about the whole day, the weather was looking like it could get a little rough.. but it held off and gave Melissa and Steven the perfect outdoor ceremony up at The Casa Monica’s Sultan’s Pavilion on the pool deck. Then their reception… Oh their reception! It was breathtaking and oh so romantic! It truly was one of my all time favorite weddings to have been a part of. These photos certainly speak that truth. So thank you Steven and Melissa for allowing us to be a part of such an important day in your lives. It was such a pleasure getting to know you both.

MS1 Daytona Beach Wedding Florist

Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS16Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS2Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS3Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS5Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS4Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS6Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS7Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS8Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS12Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS9Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS13Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS10Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS15Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS14Daytona Beach Wedding Florist MS11