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Head over Heels for Succulents!!!

Looking for something unique to add to your wedding decor? Look no further!!!
These Succulents can help you get a unique look and you can pair it with any style…Rustic, Garden, Elegant, Chic, Modern and More! 
Succulents are a favorite of ours for NUMEROUS reasons!!!
 Lets start first with the most obvious…their look!!! These amazing plants can give dimension and depth (you know how we LOVE TEXTURE!!) to all your arrangments and bouquets; plus many of these plants provide amazing floral blooms, usually during the spring, summer and even the winter season.      
Succulents arebudget friendly due to their ability to propagate. For the “Non-Gardener” this means that you can take a cutting from the plant, re-pot it and a new plant will grow. This of course saves a lot of cost, which in turn helps drive the prices down.
There are so so so many different varieties of succulents. Here are a few that are common in bouquets and floral decor.
Aeoniums; Echeveria; Jade; Sempervivums; and Sedum

Give the succulents double duty! Use the single potted succulents as a table placement card and an eco gift for your guests to take home. If you would like to personalize the potted plants just write what ever your lil heart desires on the side of each pot.

If you are going for more of a garden rustic look to your wedding we also love the look of the succulent wreath (as seen above). If you are looking to create a wreath or two or ten; it is suggested you create the wreaths at least a few months prior to your wedding. This way the succulents have a chance to root and stabilize themselves prior to being displayed.

Honestly, we could go on and on about these fabulous plants. They are so unique and versital in any decor setting. We hope you fall in love with them as much as we did!!!

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We Salute and Honor our Men & Women in Uniform

Rachael Kasie Designs, LLC would like to dedicate the entire month of September to our Soldiers, Military Forces, Fireman and Police Force who risk their lives everyday for me and you!!! 
If you or your soon-to-be spouse has or is currently serving in the military we would like to extend our gratitude by offering the following…

10% Off when you book with us!!!

Valid Through

September 1st-September 30th

This offer is also extended to all our current uniformed forces who protect and serve!!!
(Fireman, Firewomen, Police)
Rachael Kasie Designs, LLC proudly supports our troops and uniformed forces in our local community.  
We remember and will never forget the day so many Men and Women lost their lives. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to everyone effected by this tradegy.
Rachael Kasie Designs, LLC would like to give thanks to all those who have or is currently serving this beautiful country along with those in uniform who serve and protect our local community.
Every single one of you is a true blessing to this country and our local communities. We would not have anything today if it werent for you! Afterall, what is life without our simple freedom? Freedom is our family, our loved ones, our friends and our beliefs that make us who we are. Their sacrafice is truly priceless, along with the sacrafice of their spouses and children who are left behind when mommy and/or daddy goes away to protect this country.
You are greatly appreciated and always will be!!!
God Bless America, Our Men and Women in Uniform and Their Family’s.
We honor and sault you!!!
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Don’t Be Afraid of Color!!

Who says you only can have one, maybe two theme colors at your wedding? I don’t know about you but we LOOOOOVE COLOR!!:)There are so many great colors and opinions out there to be found, so don’t be shy!!!! Get out there and express all your favorite colors! It can be done and we here at Rachael Kasie Designs can help you!!! :) 

Melissa and David May 2011

I want to share with you a super fun wedding that Rachael Kasie Designs, LLC was grateful to be a part of this past May.The couple is Mellisa and David. They LOVE COLOR and these two are so Adorable!! Special thanks to LanierStar Photography, LLC for emailing me links for the pictures! Enjoy the Colorful Pic’s Everyone!!

Photography by: LanierStar Photography, LLC

Hammock Beach Oceanfront Resort made a perfect back drop for Melissa and David’s Special Day!

“Yummy and Beautiful”

The detail in the cake toppers were absolutely amazing. I have never seen such a great customization of the bride and groom. Even the small little bouquet matched her real bouquet! How Fun!! Compliments to The Pastry Studio :)

Hammock Beach Oceanfront Resort

Mellisa and David chose to use an outside tent for the reception. They made sure all their guests were still comfortable by using A/C for the Tent. We were there and trust me when I say it was the best of both worlds to be outside but still comfortable in Florida Sunshine! Cheers to A/C Tents!!:)

Once again, all of us here at Rachael Kasie Designs send our best to the Newlywed couple Mellisa and David. It was our pleasure and we thank you for letting us be a part of your special day! xxoo’s


I am such a HUGE fan of texture and multiple texture when designing bouquets. It’s even more fun when it’s done with a bold color palette. Well the stunning bouquet I am featuring here happens to be the bouquet of our bride Katie who got married this past Saturday the 30th of July. She said… ” I want it to mimic a Sunset”. And a sunset is what she got. Katie trusted me with the design concept and gave me complete freedom to choose any flower for her bouquet and those of her bridesmaids. So I took FULL advantage!

So what you see in Katie’s bouquet arefuzzy Coxcomb Celosia that looks a lot like brains believe it or not…:)I also used upright celosia in a shade of burnt orange with a little bit of red in it for contrast and the same color combination in dainty orange Crocosmia. You also see gorgeous orange “Babe” spray roses! My favorite spray roses!! There are also some super fun Yellow Craspedia Balls a.k.a Billy Balls:)Next are fabulous orange tulips with a little bit of yellow stripping and last but certainly NOT least are my all time favorite colored Cymbidium orchids…. the Yellow Cymbidium orchids with RED throats. Can you see how impactful a bouquet can be when all colors are bold and almost entirely monocromatic?! It makes a  bouquet very striking.

Then I simplified for the bridesmaid’s bouquets. I never want the bride to be over shadowed. So for Katie’s girls I gave them the orange Coxcomb Celosia, Orange tulips, Orange “Babe” spray roses and Orange Crocosmia which all looked very vibrant up against their chocolate brown dresses!

So can you see how passionate I am about texture? I obviously over dramatize when writing about them with all of my exclamation points and smiley faces:)But what can I say…. I love my job!!

We’ve Been Reviewed!

We love recieving feedback from our brides! It’s ALWAYS my goal to make sure each client has a wonderful working experience with us. So I wanted to share what one of our recently married brides had to say about us. The review was placed on TheKnot.com

“I used Rachael Kasie designs for my April wedding at the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast. When I first set up my consultation, she customized everything exactly how I wanted it. The bouquets were absolutley beautiful, and the center pieces were stunning! She came in a couple hours before the wedding and set up, then after the reception came and broke it all down. She was so professional I was never worried something wasn’t going to be taken care of. I would recommend her to anyone!”

– Melissa Langdo-Burnett; Wedding 4.17.11