NEW Inventory Just Added!!

I am so excited to present to you our latest inventory addition to the Rachael Kasie Designs stock! We now have GORGEOUS Crystal Candelabras seen above! They are 30″ high and the arms are 20″ wide. You can use them one of two ways: 1) We can create a gorgeous floral centerpiece to sit inside the middle bowl or we can remove the bowl and replace it with a candle arm so that you have (5) candles instead of (4) when using florals.

Now because of the elegance, expense and exclusivity of the candelabras, they are available for rent but ONLY when packaged with a floral and decor contract with us. We will not be renting these out without us personally handling them. They are very fragile!

To check out what else we have to offer in our inventory of goodies, check out our website in the Rentals section!

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