Head over Heels for Succulents!!!

Looking for something unique to add to your wedding decor? Look no further!!!
These Succulents can help you get a unique look and you can pair it with any style…Rustic, Garden, Elegant, Chic, Modern and More! 
Succulents are a favorite of ours for NUMEROUS reasons!!!
 Lets start first with the most obvious…their look!!! These amazing plants can give dimension and depth (you know how we LOVE TEXTURE!!) to all your arrangments and bouquets; plus many of these plants provide amazing floral blooms, usually during the spring, summer and even the winter season.      
Succulents arebudget friendly due to their ability to propagate. For the “Non-Gardener” this means that you can take a cutting from the plant, re-pot it and a new plant will grow. This of course saves a lot of cost, which in turn helps drive the prices down.
There are so so so many different varieties of succulents. Here are a few that are common in bouquets and floral decor.
Aeoniums; Echeveria; Jade; Sempervivums; and Sedum

Give the succulents double duty! Use the single potted succulents as a table placement card and an eco gift for your guests to take home. If you would like to personalize the potted plants just write what ever your lil heart desires on the side of each pot.

If you are going for more of a garden rustic look to your wedding we also love the look of the succulent wreath (as seen above). If you are looking to create a wreath or two or ten; it is suggested you create the wreaths at least a few months prior to your wedding. This way the succulents have a chance to root and stabilize themselves prior to being displayed.

Honestly, we could go on and on about these fabulous plants. They are so unique and versital in any decor setting. We hope you fall in love with them as much as we did!!!

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